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Yoga As It Is

‘Yoga As It Is’ is a school of Indian classical yoga, Venu Vidya (the Indian bamboo flute training) and Vedanta (one of the utmost revived schools of Indian philosophy) with an aim to achieve good health, self transformative techniques and well-being coming from classical ancient Indian texts like Vedas, Upanishads, Itihasa’s, Puranas and other Vedic scriptures.


Largely focused on yoga, the ancient method of classical yoga is accurately captured and is translated into easily adaptable practices for today’s modern lifestyle considering its core ethics and values.

The recent classical yoga states

युवा वृद्धोSतिवृद्धो वा व्याधितो दुर्बलोSपि वा | अभ्यासात्सध्दि माप्नोति सर्वयोगेष्वतंद्रितः||

meaning ‘Yoga can be practised and perfected by anyone and everyone whether young or old, very old, sick or feeble, extremely old, diseased and weak.’

With flexibility, stamina and functional improvement in physical health, classical yoga incorporates to cure many common and chronic disorders. Practising ‘Yoga As It Is’ empowers one to align the body to its natural geometry and make one to lead a life of optimum health. It is understood that the ancient yoga scriptures gives equal importance to body, mind, energy and soul by which a practitioner achieves normal health, peace and joy attaining social, physical and mental equanimity as a by-product while in the path to seek the ultimate goal of yoga hence, we call it ‘Yoga As It Is’.