Yoga As It Is


Our Beloved

My Grandfather

My maternal grandfather Late Shri Keshavsa Solanki ( a.k.a. Mama ), was a Realised Master (Siddha) in the Dattavatar Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot’s Guru Lineage. He lived in Kolhapur, Maharashtra State. He guided several on the path of Pure Joy, Spiritual upliftment, healing people in distress, helping people with several family and other worldly problems. He was a perfect astrologer as well, and helped many by altering malefic effects of planetary positions in their horoscopes. Several well-known politicians and artists, etc. used to come to get astrological consultations from Him and His blessings. He used to perform Divine worships and used to do Havans (Scared fire ritual), wherever He would be called upon to visit, with devotional love, by His followers. He used to visit Nrusimhvadi near Kolhapur (penance place of Dattavatar Shri Nrusimh Saraswati Swami of Gangapur), on the banks of river Krushna, on every full moon day to offer obeisance to Lord Dattaryea. He used to donate all proceeds that He would get from His followers, mainly toward temple charities. He left for His Divine Abode on 23rd May 1998.

About Me

Ashutosh Kshatriya

Ashutosh is a yogi and a visionary. He instructs yoga coming right away from ancient Indian scriptures. A long way during his spiritual journey, he came across intense yoga practices and from there-off he got engaged in knowing and understanding more about the culture he belongs to (the Indian culture). Some of his yoga instructing experiences includes an assignment as a personal yoga instructor of the Former Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and other VIP dignitaries of Kazakhstan. There he also taught yoga to the most active charitable firm of the country, Dara Foundation and had volunteered to instruct yoga to orphaned children, children with special needs and with the embassy of India. He travels across India and globe to conduct yoga.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design, Master’s Degree in YogaShastra (classical yoga principles and scriptures) and Master’s in Vedic Sciences (comparative study on Vedic worldview and Science). Having passed the first five exams in Indian Classical Music he is an experienced Indian bamboo flute performer. He interestingly integrates this art of playing the bansuri with yoga and meditation which he finds has a potential of faster health recovery in comparison with common therapeutic yoga practices and Ayurveda. He understands this through his experiment during his yoga instructional practices. He continues to learn about classical Indian music in depth as a study of musicology for good health and wellbeing of others.

Ashutosh has also undergone training as a professional bodybuilder and was once a weight-trainer. He was trained by an accomplished bodybuilder from the Indian Army. After 4 years of hardcore weight training, he competed in Kamgar Shri Championship – 2010 and Nashik Shri Championship – 2011. In addition, he participated in yoga Championships and achieved a gold medal at District Level Yoga Championship – 2017, runner up at State Level, Yoga Championship – 2017 and silver medal at District Level Yoga Championship – 2018.

In his prolonged and consistent pursuit of wellness and wellbeing, he keenly understands the importance of traditionally practiced yoga in the society today. He aims is to enhance human life with peaceful mind, healthy body and happy life through classical yoga methodologies as guided by his guruji.